“Assessment Systems Used in Undergraduate Programs of Music Teacher Education”

Gary Ritcher


The purpose of this study is to describe the current state of assessment systems being used in undergraduate music education programs. The population chosen is NAMESU (National Association of Music Executives at State Universities) member schools. A questionnaire is being sent soliciting the following information:


What are the most important issues and concerns surrounding assessment of music teacher education programs?

• How was the assessment plan developed? Was development influenced by the teacher education unit? by NASM expectations? by NCATE expectations?

• What are the specific assessment points?

What form does assessment take at the various assessment points?

If portfolios are used, what do they contain? How are they organized? How do they interface with coursework?

• How is reliability assured? Who conducts assessment? How are rubrics used?

• How is technology used by candidates in presenting evidence or by faculty in gathering, organizing and evaluating evidence?

• Are dispositions assessed? At what points and how?


A sample of willing respondents is being interviewed to augment and clarify the data.


The results of the study should provide an overview of what is occurring and assist programs that are devising or revising their assessment plans. It should suggest areas for discussion and subsequent research.