A Response to the Mandate for State Licensure Requirements for Music Teachers: Ohio UniversityŐs

Master of Music Degree in Music Education at a Distance


Dorothy Bryant, bryantd@ohio.edu

Sylvester Young, youngs@ohio.edu

Ohio University


            The purpose of this session is to present the development and maintenance of the Master of Music Degree in Music Education at a Distance program at Ohio University. Presenters will discuss the initial development process, adaptation of the curriculum, course content, and outcomes from the vantage point of students and faculty. In 2000, the state of Ohio began a licensure program that required new teachers to provide evidence of professional development, which should lead to a masterŐs degree in their fields within ten years of their appointments. Acting under that state mandate, the distance learning masterŐs degree in music education at Ohio University was developed as an alternative to the traditional on-campus degree program, The Music Education faculty developed this masterŐs degree to offer opportunities for practicing teachers to earn an advanced degree in music education without leaving their jobs. The curriculum could be completed in two years of continuous study. This cycle includes two summers of two-week residencies for selected classes, which are alternated in the cycle and six quarters of online class work. Currently there are 20 students enrolled and five degrees have been conferred since it began in 2000.