Winter 2015 Virtual Meeting

Professional Development for the Beginning Teacher ASPA

Winter 2015 Virtual Meeting Notes

February 12, 2015

ASPA Members in Attendance: Chris Baumgartner, Jennifer Greene, Bryan Koerner, & Morgan Soja


Old Business

  • Reviewed proposed ideas from fall semester
    • Decided to table the content analysis of social media for beginning music teachers until after this academic year (possible project to present at NAfME 2016)
      • Still adaptable from current study by Rickles & Brewer (just contact for information)
    • Decided to table a study of mentoring program efficacy until after the new proposed project for SMTE (see below)

New Business

Proposed a new project for fall SMTE symposium

  • “State of the Union”-type of analysis
  • Determine what each state does to mentor beginning/first-year teachers
    • If nothing state mandated (i.e., left up to the school districts) then more for future research
    • Search state websites, contact officials, etc. to collect information
  • Split up data collection by NAfME Regions
    • West – Bryan Koerner (University of Colorado Boulder)
    • East – Jennifer Green (Fayetteville-Manlius Schools/Boston University) & Vanessa Bond (Hartt School, University of Hartford)
    • Southwest – Chris Baumgartner (University of Oklahoma)
    • North Central – Melissa Baughman (University of Oklahoma) & Sarah Stanley (Northbrook District 28, IL)
    • North West – _______________
    • Southern – Morgan Soja (Gardner-Webb University) & _______________
  • Still need help collecting data. Volunteers for Northwest Region and others to help with East, North Central, and Southern (all large number of states)

Possible Cross-ASPA “Pollination” Suggestions

  • New Teacher Assessment ASPA about a future project relating beginning teacher evaluation and mentoring programs


  • Next meeting will be sometime the week of March 17 (or after)
  • Deadline for SMTE submission is April 15

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