Volunteer to host the 2025 Symposium on Music Teacher Education

The Society for Music Education Executive Board aims to make a decision regarding the location of the 2025 Symposium by June 1, 2024. We will adhere to our agreed upon guidelines for site selection as described in our statement on Procedures and Values for Symposium Site Selection. The Board welcomes suggestions from SMTE members who can offer connections to local resources. The SMTE Symposium relies on the strong support of a music teacher education program. SMTE is a small organization which relies solely on volunteer labor (we have no paid staff). We do not charge a separate membership fee, we do not engage with corporate sponsors, and we do not accept advertising. Therefore, in order to keep registration costs as low as possible, we depend on institutional, rather than commercial structures to plan and run the Symposium. We are open to considering any location for the 2025 venue, and we will evaluate all suggestions according to the above-mentioned policy statement.

If you would like to suggest a site and volunteer the support of your institution, please contact SMTE Chair Sean Powell at sean.powell@unt.edu ASAP. We will begin a conversation involving you and the Symposium Chair to discuss what information the Board will need to consider in order to make a decision about your site suggestion.

Thank you in advance for contributing to the planning process for the 2025 Symposium!