SMTE 2009


  • Determine what universities are doing to support current graduates and share their ‘best practices’
    • Examine (a) how effective programs support graduates and (b) take a longitudinal look at stayers and leavers within these programs
  • Consider teaming with Professional Development for the Experience Teacher ASPA to look at the full lifespan of the teacher, while still maintaining a focus on those things that are unique to the beginning teacher’s needs
  • Examine the impact of mentoring beginning teachers on the mentor and the preparation of the mentor teacher
  • Collect and compile information on mentoring programs sponsored by state MEA organizations
    • How can we access this information and point our students to it in methods classes and student teaching?
  • Examine effective mentoring principles in general (outside of music education) as well as within music education and bring those models together
  • Consider becoming a regular voice in MENC “forum” postings for beginning teachers
  • Make contact with policy makers through organizations like ASCD
    • Advocate for discipline specific mentoring
    • Advocate for professional leave for our beginning teachers for professional conferences
  • Create a template or compilation of ideas about mentoring new teachers to distribute to MEA organizations to use in their programs or for state conference sessions/resource

Short-term action – Anaheim 2010

  • Collect and compile information on mentoring programs sponsored by state MEA organizations; members of the ASPA will investigate the states in their region

Long-term action – SMTE 2011

  • Write an MENC position paper on mentoring
  • Write articles policy articles on professional development for beginning music teachers for professional education organizations like ASCD

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