Resources for ASPA facilitators

ASPA facilitators, please review these resources as you update your ASPA page on the website. For assistance, please contact

ASPA page plan reference – flowchart for standard ASPA page contents.

ASPA Mailing Lists guidelines – instructions for one way you can create an external email list for your ASPA using Google Groups.

Editing ASPA Pages

To edit pages on this site you must first be logged in to your account that has editing permissions. When logged in, you should see a black toolbar across the top of each page while on the site.

To edit an ASPA page, you can access the page in one of two ways:

  • Navigate to the page you wish to edit. For example, visit and then click the ASPA page you want to edit. Once on the desired page, click the “Edit this entry” link near the top of the page to enter the page editing screen.
  • Go to your user Dashboard, under the SMTE menu at the left in the user toolbar at the top of the screen. From the Dashboard, select the Pages menu. Use the scroll or search functions to locate the desired page, then click the Edit button under the page title to enter the page editing screen.

SPECIAL NOTE when editing ASPA pages: Each ASPA page has a section in the editor that creates an automated button that allows registered users to join an ASPA group as part of their profile on the SMTE website. When editing your ASPA page, please DO NOT edit anything in the section titled Group Membership. You will notice this section has several lines of code in brackets. View this image for an example of the section that should NOT be edited on your page.
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Help with WordPress

The WordPress Codex – online manual for using WordPress. Some useful topics are:

  • Pages Screen – list of pages on the site, used to find and select pages for editing.
  • Pages Add New Screen – help with the editing screen for new and existing pages.