Policy Calls

Chris Woodside, NAfME’s head of advocacy and public affairs, will host an open policy phone call at 12pm (Eastern Time) on Monday, December 16th.  During the call, Chris will discuss NAfME’s latest policy efforts and take questions from attendees.  The call will be aimed at music education researchers, but undergraduate and graduate students as well as practicing teachers are also welcome to join.

To join the call, dial 1-877-825-0947. When prompted, enter the PIN:  1216

Here is the agenda for the meeting:

  • Update on important policy or political updates since the last time we spoke.
  • A special announcement regarding NAfME’s efforts on obtaining meaningful national numbers.
  • Any discussion or feedback on the new study from Nashville: (http://musicmakesus.org/prelude-music-makes-us-baseline-research-report) We are considering using this study as an example of holistic improvement in education beyond STEM scores.
  • Go over the request for the 2014 NAfME research grant as well as an additional research funding that we are weighing. (pdf of NAfME policies with specific information about the research grant was sent to the ASPA distribution list.)
  • Review the list of potential research funding organizations Alexandra created (draft document was sent to the ASPA distribution list). Is this helpful? Who else should be listed? What gaps are we seeing and how can they be addressed?
  • Have we identified researchers who could be valuable members in the policy ASPA that aren’t yet?

Feel free to share this information with others who you think might be interested.  Please contact either Chris Woodside (chrisw@nafme.org) or Alexandra Eaton (alexandrae@nafme.org) if you have questions.

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