Policy Aspa E-kit

Policy is ever-present in the work of educators, but many educators are unfamiliar with policy ideas and policy engagement processes.

Members of the Policy ASPA have developed an E-Kit that addresses current music education policies and policy-related topics. These resources were designed to provide music teacher educators, in-service music teachers, and pre-service music teachers with information important for understanding and interacting with policy.

Each Policy E-Kit topic includes a short video and a handout. Please contact Carla Aguilar (caguil13@msudenver.edu) or Lauren Kapalka Richerme (lkricher@indiana.edu) with any questions or comments regarding the Policy E-Kit.

Part I. What is policy in Music Education?

Hard and soft policies

Part II. Policy and the Profession

Teacher certification

State certification of undergraduate teacher education programs

Part III. Policy and Practice

Teacher evaluation


Part IV. Policy and Equity