NAfME 2014



The National Association for Music Education Biennial Music Research and Teacher Education Conference

April 9-12, 2014


SMTE 2013 Goals Update

Short Term Goals

COMPLETED: Short term-Proposal for St. Louis

  • Universities Supporting Young Alumni, presented at NAfME 2014 by Christopher Baumgartner, Melissa Baughman, Vanessa Bond, Morgan Soja, Tami Draves, John Wayman


Long Term Goals

IN PROGRESS: need status report

  • Beginning Teacher Page on

o   To include links, videos, etc.

o   Robin Gieblehausen (not in attendance at NAfME) as project chair

  • Needs Analysis of Beginning Music Teachers

o   Kenneth Dye (not in attendance at NAfME) as project chair


NAfME 2014 Goals

New Ideas

  • Online new teacher seminars once a month for graduates

o   Adobe Connect, Collaborate, Skype, and Google Hangout as possible platforms

  • Preparing resources for how to alleviate isolation
  • Beginning teacher support in teacher evaluation

o   SEED in Connecticut

o   RISE in Indiana

o   Danielsson Method in Illinois

o   Possible “cross-ASPA pollination” with the new teacher assessment ASPA?


SMTE 2015 Goals

More New Ideas

  • Compare efficacy of different mentoring methods for beginning teachers

o   Group dinners, facebook groups, online forums, etc.



Tami Draves

Morgan Soja

Christopher Baumgartner

Melissa Baughman

Vanessa Bond

Penny Dimmick*, Butler University

Robert Amchin*, University of Louisville