Music Education Policy Roundup – November 9, 2019

National News

Showdown Over HBCU Funding Escalates in Senate

11/5/2019- ‘Democrats are holding out against a GOP proposal for a permanent funding mechanism out of concern it could derail broader reforms.’


State News

Arts, SEL collaboration boosts school climate, assessment options

11/4/2019- ‘In the “whole-child” era, experts at a Turnaround Arts event described how the arts can help educators meet school goals and improve student learning.’

New Mexico teachers evaluated under revamped criteria

10/24/2019- ‘Annual performance evaluations are done and have been delivered to nearly 20,000 public school teachers across New Mexico as the state places a new emphasis on classroom observations by principals and leaves out student test scores.’

ID: State Board Approves New Enrollment Reporting Rule

10/21/2019- ‘Two months after the school year began, the State Board of Education has approved a new rule outlining how school leaders are supposed to report full-time student enrollment numbers to the state.’

With equity in mind, Regents begin inquiry into state graduation standards

11/4/2019- ‘State education officials on Monday officially launched their quest to reform the state’s graduation standards with a focus on schools’ use of high-stakes testing to determine students’ proficiency.’


Research & Analysis

ROI on Professional Development Can Pay Off for Decades

10/29/2019- ‘Professional development for improving teacher effectiveness has residual benefits that last for decades.’

Making the Grade 2019

Making the Grade 2019 provides compelling evidence that K-12 public school funding continues to be deeply unfair in many states and a major factor contributing to disparities in education resources, opportunities and outcomes for the 50 million public school children across the United States.

Policy Roundup compiled by NAfME’s Matt Barusch.