Music Education Policy Roundup – November 23, 2020

State & National News

CA- Defeat of Prop. 15 to raise commercial property taxes denies schools more revenue

11/11/2020- ‘Voters have rejected a large tax increase on commercial properties, depriving schools of what could have been a significant source of revenue. Backers of Proposition 15, the first major effort to revise the iconic tax limitation initiative, Proposition 13, since its passage in 1978, conceded defeat on Tuesday.’

Millions of Students Have Limited Contact With Teachers

11/13/2020- ‘Sixty-five percent of households reported using online learning, and 11% said they hadn’t had interaction with a teacher in the last week.’

Fast Forward: States’ accountability changes may impact school designations, improvement timelines

11/16/2020- ‘Many states are hesitating on high-stakes accountability for 2020-21, and its return may look vastly different than when systems were first configured under ESSA.’

Coronavirus resurgence threatens U.S. states’ revenue gains

11/13/2020- ‘After a few months of improved tax collections, U.S. states’ revenues could fall again as the coronavirus resurges across the nation and negotiations over additional federal economic aid remain at an impasse.’

Colorado lawmakers will return for special session to address coronavirus relief

11/16/2020- ‘Gov. Jared Polis wants lawmakers to take immediate action on elements of his $1.3 billion stimulus package that includes relief for restaurant owners and other small businesses.’

Wyoming governor seeks another $500M in cuts to state budget

11/17/2020- ‘Wyoming Gov. Mark Gordon will ask lawmakers to slash $500 million from the state budget in response to weak revenue from the coal, oil and natural gas industries.’

MT- Bullock says no need to cut state services in next budget

11/17/2020- ‘Gov. Steve Bullock released a draft budget for the next two years on Monday that does not cut essential state services or raise taxes. But the proposal could face significant changes by the incoming Republican governor-elect and the Republican-controlled legislature.’

COVID-19 Budget Woes Pose Challenge for Ohio’s Long-Awaited School Funding Overhaul

11/15/2020- ‘Ohio legislators hope to end a two-decade fight over the constitutionality of school funding this fall with a much-anticipated new formula for state aid that would give schools an estimated $2 billion more annually when fully implemented.’

Work on new ‘cradle to career’ data system accelerates, amid concerns about continuing state financial support

11/16/2020- ‘Organizers of an ambitious “cradle to career” education data system for California are preparing to wrap up an intensive year-long effort and send key recommendations for its design to Gov. Gavin Newsom and the Legislature for the next phase of its development — one that could take another five years and millions more dollars to complete.’

Policy Roundup compiled by NAfME’s Matt Barusch.