Music Education Policy Roundup – March 22, 2020

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Every year, we poll members to find out where Title IV-A dollars are being spent in our schools. This information is critical to our advocacy efforts to secure funding at the federal level for a well-rounded education. Our 2020 survey is now live, so please circulate it to your colleagues, and/or complete it if you know where Title IV-A dollars have been spent in your district. The deadline for response is March 31, so please act now!

State & National News

Ed Dept considering assessment accountability waivers in coronavirus closures

3/12/2020- ‘The U.S. Department of Education released guidance Thursday afternoon for schools to navigate closures amid the spread of novel coronavirus.’

MD- New State Board of Ed Nominees Clear Senate Panel

3/10/2020- ‘The first teacher and parent members of Maryland’s State Board of Education received approval from the Senate Executive Nominations Committee on Monday night, following a multi-year effort by lawmakers to add members to the board.

States Scouring Landscape for New Pots of K-12 Revenue

3/10/2020- ‘As state legislatures from Maryland and Virginia to Hawaii search for substantial new streams of tax revenue to shore up and overhaul school systems, the list of potential targets to tap gets longer by the day: online advertising, marijuana, corporations, and—of course—the rich.’

School Closures for Coronavirus Could Extend to the End of School Year, Some Say

3/15/2020- ‘As national fears swell over the coronavirus outbreak, more than a dozen governors called for school closures on Sunday.’

Virginia lawmakers pass new budget amid downturn fears

3/12/2020- ‘Virginia lawmakers approved a new state budget Thursday that includes heavy new spending on public education, social services and other areas, despite protests from some Republicans that the legislature should wait to see what impact the deepening coronavirus crisis will have on the state’s economy.’

Texas STAAR test requirements waived due to coronavirus outbreak

3/16/2020- ‘Gov. Greg Abbott also said he would ask the federal government to waive federal testing requirements, which apply to all states.’

Ed Department Offers More Special Education Guidance Amid COVID-19

3/18/2020- ‘As schools across the nation shutter in response to coronavirus, federal officials are giving educators additional insight on how to handle the needs of students with disabilities.’

Research and Analysis

Coronavirus and Schools

Schools are on the frontlines of responding to coronavirus as it appears in American communities, and federal health officials are urging school districts to prepare for spread of the illness. Here, find the most relevant news, information, and resources about how schools should prepare and respond.

State Information Request: Policy Responses and Other Executive Actions to the Coronavirus in Public Schools

This response includes state policy action specifically responding to the coronavirus and public schools, a sampling of state policies regarding emergency school closures and online or distance education, and a list of relevant resources regarding the coronavirus and schools that may be useful.

Music Education Policy Roundup compiled by NAfME’s Matt Barusch.