Music Education Policy Roundup – March 14, 2020

NAfME News

Please Complete the Title IV-A Funding Use for Music and the Arts Survey

Every year, we poll members to find out where Title IV-A dollars are being spent in our schools. This information is critical to our advocacy efforts to secure funding at the federal level for a well-rounded education. Our 2020 survey is now live, so please circulate it to your colleagues, and/or complete it if you know where Title IV-A dollars have been spent in your district. The deadline for response is March 31, so please act now!

State News

Michigan bill would require music, art education in K-5 curriculum

3/2/2020- ‘A new bill would require music and art education to be a part of the K-5 curriculum in Michigan.’

Indiana Lawmakers Back Dropping Tests In Teacher Evaluations

3/3/2020- ‘Indiana legislators have voted to end the mandatory use of student standardized test results in teacher evaluations, dropping a requirement long opposed by teachers.’

Utah lawmakers get creative with requests for ‘education’ funding

3/2/2020- ‘The organizers of this fall’s vice presidential debate in Salt Lake City say they’ll have to buy unscaleable fencing to create a perimeter for the gathering hosted at the University of Utah.’

SC Senate Passes Huge Education Bill; Promises More to Come

3/5/2020- ‘After a year of public meetings, discussions and floor debate, the Senate gave final approval Thursday to a massive education overhaul bill.’

AR- Council looking to support local music, education

3/10/2020- ‘Northwest Arkansas needs to invest in music because it can be a significant economic and cultural driver, according to a new study.’

UT Senate approves public education budget that raises per-pupil spending by 5%

3/10/2020- ‘The Utah Senate gave unanimous approval to SB2 Monday, the state’s public education budget, which is highlighted by a 5% increase to the value of the weighted pupil unit.’

Research and Analysis

Interactive: See Every Education Issue Prioritized by Governors in 41 State of the State Speeches — From Free College to Mental Health, Early Ed & Beyond

Governors’ annual State of the State addresses are windows into what’s likely to be at the top of state education agendas in the coming year — and what’s not. FutureEd, a think tank at Georgetown University’s McCourt School of Public Policy, analyzed the 41 gubernatorial speeches delivered so far this year and found that while every state leader highlighted the importance of education, the governors talked a lot more about expanding educational opportunities than improving the performance of the nation’s schools and colleges.

ArtScan at a Glance

This summary is updated annually to reflect changes in legislation concerning the arts in education. It includes arts education policies for all 50 states, plus the District of Columbia. Complete results from this review are available in an online searchable database on the Arts Education Partnership website.

Policy Roundup compiled by NAfME’s Matt Barusch.