Music Education Policy Roundup – July 8, 2019

National News

Supreme Court to review Montana school choice program

6/28/19- ‘The Supreme Court will consider reviving a Montana program that gives tax credits to people who donate to private-school scholarships. The state’s highest court had struck down the program because it violated the Montana constitution’s ban on state aid to religious organizations.’

Census Forms to Print Without Question Raising Education-Funding Concerns

7/3/19- ‘The Trump administration on Tuesday said it was proceeding with printing forms for the 2020 census without the controversial proposed question on citizenship, which education groups and immigrant advocates feared would depress response rates and affect the allocation of federal aid and political power.’

State News

Rhode Island General Assembly passes education reform bills

6/28/19- ‘Rhode Island’s General Assembly has approved legislation aimed at reforming the state’s education system and boosting student academic performance. The two bills move to the governor’s office.’

WV: Gov. Jim Justice signs education bill

6/28/19- ‘West Virginia Gov. Jim Justice, despite a last-minute plea from one of the state’s largest education organizations that he veto the measure, has signed the omnibus education bill.’

Research & Analysis

How Arts Teachers Are Strengthening Students’ Social-Emotional Muscles

6/26/19- ‘Guiding students through the bold colors and statements of graffiti art. Teaching them how to blend their voices in song. Arts experiences like these can open students to new ways of thinking. But they can also offer teachers powerful opportunities to develop students’ social and emotional skills.’

Citizen Z: An Education Week Project

6/27/19- ‘U.S. public education is rooted in the belief by early American leaders that the most important knowledge to impart to young people is what it means to be a citizen. If America is experiencing a civic crisis now, as many say it is, schools may well be failing at that job.’