Music Education Policy Roundup – July 31, 2020

State & National News

Reopening Colleges & Universities: How Are Maine’s Higher Education Institutions Planning to Return?

7/23/2020- ‘According to a June 2020 state report, Maine’s 38 colleges and universities educate more than 72,600 students and employ more than 20,000 regular and student employees, generating $2.2 billion in annual revenue.’

COVID-19 Roundup: Colleges Tilt Toward Online Openings

7/23/2020- ‘As several more colleges announce plans to educate students mostly virtually this fall, a new database shows that’s the way the decisions are trending nationally.’

Education researchers come together on what schools need now — starting with more money

7/23/2020- ‘Nearly 200 education researchers, including some who disagree fiercely on policy issues, have united around a set of recommendations for helping America’s schools navigate the current crisis.’

Georgia DOE will help more than 12 million students with distance learning

7/23/2020- ‘The Georgia Department of Education and Verizon are working to fast-track distance learning for students in 10 states in the Southeast and beyond that have suffered the impact of the coronavirus pandemic.’

Vegas-area schools to keep doors shut, use distance learning

7/22/2020- ‘Schools in the Las Vegas area that had more than 300,000 students when campuses closed in March won’t resume classroom instruction when the new semester starts next month.’

Less time on schoolwork, more paper packets in high-poverty districts, national survey finds

7/23/2020- ‘Once the pandemic upended normal school this spring, students of all ages in high-poverty school districts were asked to do less schoolwork and spend less time in class than their peers in affluent school districts.’

What remote learning will look like this fall for Massachusetts students as state reveals new guidelines

7/25/2020- ‘Remote learning for school-aged children this fall will look significantly different from remote learning offered by Massachusetts school districts this past spring.’

Iowa Ed Department to rule on in-person school appeals

7/30/2020- ‘The Iowa Department of Education said it will rule next week on appeals filed by districts opposed to fully opening schools to in-person classes when the new school year begins in the coming weeks.’

Research & Analysis

50-State Comparison: Postsecondary Education Funding

What do state policies say about how to fund postsecondary education? This 50-State Comparison answers this question by searching state statutes, state rules and regulations, enacted state budget bills and state postsecondary education agency policies that address postsecondary education budgeting and funding.

Map: Where Are Schools Open?

This national map will track each state’s mandates or recommendations on K-12 school closures and openings.