Music Education Policy Roundup – December 9, 2019

NAfME News

Higher Ed Legislation Moves Through Congress

Since its inception in 1965, the Higher Education Act (HEA) has authorized federal funding for post-secondary education primarily through financial assistance for students.


State News

FL- Darryl Rouson files pro-arts education bill to recognize high-achieving student artists

112/3/2019- ‘Sen. Darryl Rouson filed a bill this week that would recognize students with high achievement in fine arts.’

With financial incentives and extra support, Philly and Pa. plan to recruit more teachers of color

11/20/2019- ‘Plagued by a teacher shortage in general and the nation’s lowest rate of teachers of color, Pennsylvania education officials Wednesday announced a program to recruit, train, and keep a more diverse force of educators.’

Personal finance courses get a boost in Pennsylvania schools

11/29/2019- ‘Pennsylvania will require public schools to allow students to apply personal finance class credits toward high school graduation requirements.’

Florida governor proposes changes to teacher bonus program

11/14/2019- ‘Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis wants to restructure the state’s teacher bonus program, including bigger bonuses in schools with lower income students.’

Education voucher rules cruise through Tennessee board, on track for 2020 program launch

11/15/2019- ‘Gov. Bill Lee’s education savings account program cleared a critical hurdle on Friday with the approval of a gamut of rules governing everything from how families can apply to how they can use taxpayer funds to pay for private education services.’

Idaho college receives $1.1M to expand teacher training

11/18/2019- ‘An Idaho college has received a $1.1 million grant to help address a statewide teacher shortage through an alternative certification program, officials said.’

Governor, DOE Seek Pay Increases To Keep Teachers In Special Ed, Hawaiian Language

12/1/2019- ‘Hawaii Gov. David Ige has scheduled a Tuesday press conference to announce his support for pay differentials for certain teachers in key hard-to-fill areas, specifically special education, rural schools and Hawaiian language immersion.’


Research and Analysis

States Move to Add Native American History to Curriculum

A recent report shows that 87% of state history standards include no mention of Native American history after 1900.