Mentoring Programs Project Meeting Minutes – 8.13.15

Task List

  1. Fact Checking: Your re-assigned NAfME division (double-checking your friend’s work) by the end of next week (5:00PM Eastern, Friday, August 21) to ensure accurate info across the board. More detail as needed, especially in the “Structure” and “Guidelines” columns.
  2. After that, everyone compile the data in your assigned column/demographic for inclusion in the presentation. Some will be easy “number of yes/no,” “number of years.” Others will require more work and may need help from a partner (e.g., Guidelines and Structure).
  3. THEN, we need to share and start compiling the presentation with salient findings. The more in-depth info we gather this round should give us a few things to discuss at SMTE, as well as springboards for ideas to submit for NAfME. Take note of any of these things (some listed below in our notes).
  4. Let’s plan to Google Hangout one more time before SMTE, after our data is compiled and we’ve started a PPT (which we can do on Google, as well). Date/time to come as we get school rolling.
Other Notes
  1. When fact-checking, look closely at those marked “none” and research further to be sure
    1. Could be state DOE, MEA, or other site
    2. Swap regions for deeper “double-checking”
    3. Look for other resources listed
    4. Report how programs are mentioned on either EA site
    5. If tied to licensure?
    6. Focus on funding
      1. DOE vs. BOE
      2. Who is really supporting these programs/requirements?
    7. Note any interesting finds for future (NAfME) presentation ideas
      1. Especially those that are integrated (MEA and DOE) to possibly serve as future models
  2. Tally all demographics (per assigned group)
Possible Interesting Points to Focus On at SMTE and/or for NAfME Submission
  1. Connect to “Race to the Top” and “NCLB”
  2. How recent these programs are
  3. What is “claimed” and what actually “is”
  4. Resources available/listed on websites?
  5. DOE vs/with MEA
    1. Differences between both programs
    2. When MEA exists, does a DOE exist?