MENC 2010

MENC 2010-ASPA for Professional Development for the Beginning Teachers

  • Develop an online communication site (like google groups) for collaboration, communication, and dissemination.
  • Determine what has been done to this point that identifies what is implemented in each state for professional development/mentorship of new music teachers. Then develop and implement a national survey to a broad net including State MEAs, State band, orchestra, general, choral organizations, etc. to find the current state of new teacher mentorship and mentor development.
  • Determine what is implemented by state education (non-music specific) new teacher mentor programs through a national survey to state agencies and departments of educations.
  • Future plan – communicate with Conn/Selmer; All In: Larry Livingston – Director of Educational Initiatives – the Guitar Center; MENCE, or any other mentorship entities to unify efforts so research supported best practice is exposed on a national scale and research supports all initiatives.
  • Promote and instigate collaboration between music and general mentorship of music teachers to utilize new technologies effectively.

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