User Accounts

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  • Log in to your user account to access site features for members only.
  • Please note: SMTE website user accounts are not the same as your NAfME member and website account on You must have created an account specifically on the SMTE website to be able to log in.
  • Clicking on the “Register” link will open a pop-up window in which you can create a user account and profile to use on this site.
  • Follow the instructions to register, including entry of the required information and verifying a valid email address.
  • Return to this page or the home page and click “Log In”.
  • Enter your Username and password.
  • Access your “My Account” page and modify/add any information as desired, including your password.
  • Registered users will be able to receive email updates and announcements about SMTE activities and events.
  • Registered users can add Areas of Strategic Planning and Action (ASPAs) to their profiles. See the ASPA pages for more information.

User Accounts

Lost Password/Forgot Account?

If you are not sure whether you have a user account on the SMTE website or you have forgotten your login username, visit the Lost Password page. When prompted, enter your email address. If a user account is found with that email address, you will be sent a message with your username and instructions to reset your password. If no user account is found with that email address, you should register as a new user. The login system will allow only one account to use the same email address, so duplicate accounts cannot be created.

Update My Account

  • Visit the My Account page to update your user profile
  • Change your name, email, and other personal information
  • Update your password
  • Change communications preferences
  • View group memberships