Departing & Newly Elected ASPA Facilitators

SMTE offers sincere thanks to the following members who have served as ASPA Facilitators and are now rotating out of those positions:
Marshall Haning, Sarah Minette, Jacqueline Henninger, William Bauer, Melissa Baughman, Tawnya Smith, Becky Marsh, Cara Bernard, Barry Hartz, Justin West, Phillip Payne, Ted Hoffman, Jessica Vaughan-Marra, and Tiger Robison.
The contributions these people have made have been extremely valuable to the work of SMTE, and we thank them for their work.
We also congratulate the following members who have been elected as ASPA Facilitators:
Jill Wilson, Lorenzo Sánchez-Gatt, Elizabeth Schultz, Colleen McNickle, Melissa Lloyd, Nicole Ramsey, Kelly Bylica, Benjamin Guerrero, Dave Sanderson, Alec Scherer, Jason Bowers, Rachel Sorenson, and Whitney Mayo.
We look forward to the directions that these newly elected Facilitators will bring to the ASPAs. Please see the complete listing of ASPA Facilitators at