2023 Symposium on Music Teacher Education

Elevating a Culture of Belonging
October 12-14, 2023
Salt Lake City, Utah

Day 1 – Thursday, October 12, 2023


1:00 PM – 4:00 PM


SMTE Executive Committee/ASPA Facilitator Meeting


5:00 PM – 6:45 PM

School of Music Lobby

Registration & ASPA Poster Session


7:00 PM – 7:30 PM

Libby Gardner Hall

Welcome & Introductions


7:30 PM – 8:30 PM

Libby Gardner Hall

Susan Wharton Conkling Keynote Address

Dr. Carla Shalaby, University of Michigan


8:30 PM – 9:30 PM

School of Music Atrium


Day 2 – Friday, October 13, 2023


7:30 AM – 8:50 AM

Alumni House, Dumke (1st floor)

Career Mentoring Workshop/Morning Amenities

Graduate Research Forum participants may set up their posters at 8:30.


9:00 AM – 9:15 AM

Alumni House, Ballroom

Opening Session and ASPA Overview


9:30 AM – 10:45 AM

Gardner Commons

ASPA Meetings

Breakout Rooms
  • POLICY – GC 3700

11:00 AM – 11:30 AM

Presentation Session 1

PDF Abstracts

Breakout Rooms

GC 2660
Realizing Healthy Learning Environments in Music Teacher Education Programs
Lisa Martin, Colleen McNickle, & Judy Palac

GC 2560
Burnout and Impostor Phenomenon Among Undergraduate Music Education Majors
Jessica Napoles, Gregory Springer, Brian Silvey, Mark Montemayor, & Thomas Rinn

GC 2675
Intersections through Facets:  Interdisciplinary Approaches to Teaching Music and Arts History
Jessica Vaughan-Marra & Maureen Vissat-Kochanek

GC 2760
A Reimaging of Popular Music Engagement in General Music Teacher Education
Kexin Xu

GC 3680
Rethinking the Music Education Curriculum: A Roundtable DiscussionSession Cancelled
Alvin Simpson & Douglas McCall

GC 4020
Enacting the Neurodiversity Paradigm in Music Teacher Education
Erin Hopkins

GC 4700
Preservice Through Early-Career Music Teacher Identity Development: People, Place, and Time Matter
Kristen Pellegrino, Erik Johson & Cynthia Wagoner


11:30 AM – 11:50 AM




11:50 AM – 12:20 PM

Presentation Session 2

PDF Abstracts

Breakout Rooms

GC 2660
A Narrative Study of First Generation College Students and Belonging in Music Education
Sara Jones & Julie Bannerman

GC 2560
Colonized Curriculum: “When Does My Story Get Told?”
Sarah Minette & Roque Diaz

GC 2675
Walking on Eggshells: Music Educator Perceptions of Agency in Times of Surveillance
Kelly Bylica, Diana Hawley, & Sophie Lewis

GC 2760
Essence of Joy: Empathy and Connection in an Afrocentric Collegiate Choral Ensemble at a Predominately White Institution
Austin Norrid

GC 3680
Community College Students as Preservice Music Educators: A Follow-up Study
Diana Dansereau & Michael Sundblad

GC 4020
Better Together: Group Field Experience as a Tool for Identity Development in First Year Music Education Majors
Natalie Steele Royston, Sarah Van Dusen, & Christina Svec

GC 4700
Online Social Comparison and Imposter Phenomenon in Undergraduate Music Education Students
Thomas Rinn


12:20 PM – 1:50 PM

Alumni Center, Sorensen Executive Board Room

Graduate Research Forum

PDF Abstracts


Lunch will be provided for all Symposium participants in two separate locations (one for the Graduate Research Forum and one for all others).


2:00 PM - 3:30 PM

Plenary Session

Intersecting Identities in Music Education: A Path to Inclusive Transformation
Dr. Nicole Robinson, Founder & Chief Executive Officer, Cultural Connections by Design

Session Description

In the context of the evolving cultural landscape within the United States, providing preservice music teachers with the necessary skills to navigate the complex intersections of identity effectively is vital. This “critical consciousness” includes enabling them to embrace their own multidimensional identities and empower them to act as catalysts for transformative change, particularly in cultivating environments of inclusivity and equity within music classrooms. 

Using Dr. Nicole Robinson’s proprietary educational teaching tool, Matrix of Intersectionality, this transformative session will delve into the theoretical foundations, practical applications, and personal introspection of intersectionality, fostering a comprehensive understanding and practical integration within the field of music education. 

NOTE: Please bring devices (i.e., laptops, etc.) to access the technology for this session. 


3:45 PM – 4:15 PM

Presentation Session 3

PDF Abstracts

Breakout Rooms

GC 2660
Combating Burnout Culture in Music Teacher Education
Tami Draves, Christopher Baumgartner, Vanessa Bond, Jeremy Manternach, Elizabeth Parker, Bridget Sweet, & Linda Thornton

GC 2560
Barriers and Affordances for Curricular Change in Music Teacher Education
Jill Wilson, Natalie Steele Royston, & Brian Weidner

GC 2675
Designing a Culture of Community with New MTEs: What Worked, What Didn’t, and What You Should Try
Ann Marie Stanley, Eden Brown, Sarah Jenkins, Jinnan Liu, & Carla Salas Ruiz

GC 2760
You Can Still Say Capitalist Exploitation: Finding Voice Amidst Divisive Concepts Laws
Lauren Kapalka Richerme

GC 3680
Did Remote Student Teaching Affect Job Placement for Preservice Music Educators?
David Miller & Kenneth Elpus

GC 4020
Breaking the Silence – Microaggresions in Music Education
Rainamei Luna & Lorenzo Sánchez-Gatt

GC 4700
“Back to the Future”: Two Women of Color and a Reimagining of Past School Music Experiences
Joyce McCall & Carmela Rubino


4:20 PM – 4:50 PM

Presentation Session 4

PDF Abstracts

Breakout Rooms

GC 2660
Living Trauma-Informed Pedagogy: Music Teacher Educators in the Aftermath of a Shared Tragedy
Karen Salvador, Andrew Bohn, Natalie Duling, Ben Kambs, Anne Martin, Saleel Menon, & Lorenzo Sánchez-Gatt

GC 2560
Into the Unknown: Diversifying Field Experiences in a Secondary General Music Course
Sangmi Kang & Rachael Sanguinetti

GC 2675
Celebrating Student Culture in Instrumental Music
Sarah Minette

GC 2760
Advancing Trauma-Informed Pedagogy in Music Teacher Education
Erica Kupinski

GC 3680
Fostering a Culture of Care and Belonging for Parents in Higher Education
Bridget Sweet & Kate Fitzpatrick-Harnish

GC 4020
Examining Rules as Compliance-Oriented Policy in the Music Classroom
Kelly Bylica & Cara Bernard

GC 4700
When Cultural Humility is Not Enough: Toward Transformative Humility as an Epistemology of Resistance in Music Teaching and Learning
William Coppola


5:00 - 6:00 PM

Poster Titles & Authors

Social Change and Reconstructionist Philosophy
MeHaley Babich

Exploring the Hybrid Identities of Choral Music Teacher Educators in Tier One Research Universities: A Phenomenological Study
Kari Adams & Jessica Napoles

Breaking Down Barriers: Obstacles Faced by International Teaching Assistants in Music Disciplines of American Higher Education
Siyu Tian

Perceptions and Outcomes of Implementing Ungrading in an Undergraduate Music Methods Course
Rachel Grimsby

Relationships of Preservice Program Features to Music Student Teacher Readiness and Preparation
Jay Dorfman & Jacob Gibson

Retention and Attrition of Early-career Music Teachers in Maryland: A Survival Analysis
David Miller

Factors that Influence Preservice Music Teachers’ Philosophical Beliefs
Julie Myung Ok Song

Secondary Music Teachers’ Attitudes Towards Music Management in the Secondary Music Curriculum
Marissa Guarriello

Working with Students with Disabilities in Self-contained and Mainstreamed Settings: Implications for Music Teacher Education
Erika Knapp

Building and District-Level Policies Affecting Music Classes
Ryan Shaw & Andrew Bohn

Exploring Teacher Identity: Self-Efficacy and Commitment Among Student Teachers
Christina Herman

Music and the Refugee: What Educators Should Know
Jessica Wiseman

Perceptions of School-University Partnerships in Music Education: A Multiple Case Study
Emily Mercado & Jason Bowers

Conducting a DEI Audit in Music Education
David DeAngelis

Choral Music Education in Rural Mississippi
Melody Causby, Jonathan Kilgore & Ian Cicco

Centering Community Voices: Illuminating a Path Toward Increased Equity in Music Education
Emma Price

Music Education and Educators in North Dakota, South Dakota, and Minnesota: A Demographic Profile
Whitney Mayo

Innovation with Instrument Techniques Classes
Colleen Conway, Jessica Vaughan-Marra, Chris Marra, & Mike Vecchio

Predicting Student Teaching Mentorship Satisfaction in Music Education
Cameron Elliott

Describing Engagement in the Instrumental Ensemble Rehearsal
Ryan Shaw, David Hedgecoth, Andrew Bohn, Emily Moler, Lorenzo Sánchez-Gatt, Gentry Ragsdale, & Charles Oldenkamp

The Perceptions, Experiences, and Stories of Tied-Migrant Music Educators: How the Personal and Professional Blend
Rachel Broyles

A Content Analysis of an International Professional Development Conference: The Midwest Clinic 2000-2019
Victoria Warnet & John Rine Zabanal

Perceptions and Experiences of Improvisation in a Collegiate Choral Ensemble
Ben Kambs & Saleel Menon

Mentoring through the Lens of DEI: A Collaboration between a State Department of Education, an Arts Education Non-profit Organization, Public School Educators and Higher Education
Erin Zaffini

Who Counts?: A Bibliometric Review of Race and Gender of the Journal of Research in Music Education from 2002-2022
Saleel Menon, Anne Martin & Andrew Bohn

The Effect of Inclusive Music-Making and Education on Attitude toward Neurodiversity in Preservice Music Educators
Nerissa Rebagay

Learning to Teach, Teaching to Learn: Early Teaching Experiences in Undergraduate Music Education
Jane Kuehne

Music Teacher Educators’ Perceptions of Vertical Alignment Between Elementary General Music and Middle School Band
Ian Cicco & Don Taylor

Promoting Metacognitive Awareness and Developing Executive Function Skills in Preservice Music Teachers Using Universal Design for Learning
Corinne Galligan

Converting a Music for Special Learners Course using a Flipped Classroom Format
Stephen Zdzinski, Nerissa Manela & Cameron Elliott

Exploring Music Teacher Well-Being
Rita Gigliotti & Tina Beveridge

Exploring the Role of Music Ensemble Directors in Strengthening Racial Identity Among Asian American High School Students
Vicki Baker & Crysty Cruz

Developing a Relevant List of Competencies Necessary for the Successful Choral Music Educator as a Construct for Current Curriculum and Course Design
Patrick Antinone & Katrina A. Cox

Student Perceptions of Bullying in the High School Music Classroom
Steven Kelly & Mark Belfast

Mindful Reflection: Creating Space for What Matters
Aaron Wacker & Cynthia Williams Phelps

Trauma-Informed Pedagogy to Support Student and Music Teacher Wellbeing
Tawnya Smith, Melissa Lloyd, Erin Price-Hamilton & Abigail Van Klompenberg

The Influence of Yearlong Teaching Residency on Music Teacher Preparation
Edward McClellan

Learning to Improvise: A Collaborative Autoethnography Study
Barry Hartz & Edward White

Occupational Risk for Music Educators: Conducting Injury and Prevention Techniques
Colleen McNickle & Ryan Sullivan

Beyond a Eurocentric Understanding of Music Education: A Critical Participatory Action Research Study
Kim Friesen Wiens

Cultural Humility: Meaning and Practice for Music Teacher Education
Kelly Parkes & Jamie Gunther

Examining the Relationship between Self-Efficacy and Wellbeing in Preservice Music Educators
Johnathan Parr

Underrepresentation of African Americans in Music Positions at Predominantly White Institutions
Adrian Davis

Pre-Service Teacher Concerns in a Laboratory Band Experience
Jason Gossett & Ryan Kerwin

The Mentoring Experience of Novice Cooperating Teachers
Angela Munroe

Secondary Choral Music Educator Usage of African American Spirituals in Music Classrooms
Michelle Gibson

Music Teacher Licensure in the US: A Policy Discourse Analysis
Stephanie Prichard & Justin Caithaml

Recollections of First Wanting to Become a Music Teacher (and Projections for the Future): A Replication Study
Josef Hanson

Secondary Music Teachers’ Perceptions of Musical Creativity in Quebec, Canada
Marie-Claude Mathieu

“Finding My Voice”: A Phenomenology of the Leadership Identity Development of Teacher-Leaders in Music Education
Nicole Ramsey

Colorado Secondary Ensemble Teachers’ Perceptions of the Integration of Students with Disabilities
Samuel Gray

How Are You Doing?: Mental Wellness and the Music Educator
Phillip Payne & Natalie Royston

Master Teachers as Mentor Teachers: Collaborating for the Future
Michele Henry, Kelly Hollingsworth, Michael Alexander & David Montgomery

Inclusion of Students with Disabilities from 2014-2021: A Scoping Review of LIterature
Annalisa Chang & John Rine Zabanal

“I Use It Every Single Day”: Perceptions of Music Education Program Completers
Marshall Haning, William Bauer, Barry Hartz & Megan Sheridan

A Case Study of Social-Emotional Learning Strategies in Secondary Band Following COVID-19
Bethany Nickel

Welcoming Students with Disabilities as Valued Members of our Performing Ensembles
Doris Doyon

Storytelling: Understanding How Music Teachers Perceive Teaching through the Stories They Tell
Roy Legette

Advising in Music Teacher Education:  A Review of Literature
Daniel Hellman

Music Educators’ Perspectives on Student Empowerment: Complexities and Conundrums
Theresa Hoover

Excellent Piano Skills A Must? Teacher Interactions with the Secondary Instrument in the Secondary Choral Classroom
Carson Zajdel

Exposing Hidden Credits: Promoting Transparency in Bachelor of Music Education Degrees
Aaron T. Wacker, Ashley D. Allen, Phillip D. Payne & Edward C. Hoffman, III

Factors Influencing Doctoral Music Education Students’ Career-Based Ambitions Throughout Their Degree Program
Michelle Gibson & Eric Murianki

A Self-Study of Graduate Student Core Reflection Applications to Preservice Teaching
Margaret Berg, Gentry Ragsdale, Garrett Graves & Charles Oldenkamp

Music Education around the World: Auto-ethnographic Tales from My Graduate Course
Claudia Cali’

Eclectic Ensembles and Pedagogies of Change in Music Teacher Preparation
Andrea Maas

Qigong – Qigong: Mental and Physical Health Benefits in Relation to Musicians
Ryan Bond

“I Started with Myself”: DEI Initiatives in General Music Methods
Martina Vasil

Elementary Music Teachers’ Knowledge and Attitudes Toward the Use of Adaptive Materials  for Students with Disabilities
Kaylee Smith, Kelly Jo Hollingsworth

The Cancelation of Paula Grossman (1919-2003), a Trans Music Educator in the Mid-Twentieth Century United States
Austin Norrid

Preservice Music Educators’ Preparation and Self-Efficacy for Teaching Multilingual Learners
Austin Norrid

A Case Study of One Trauma-Informed Music Education Program
Lauren Ryals

Transgender Preservice Teachers’ Perceptions of Student-teaching and Identity Development in a Rural, Conservative Region
Crystal Sieger

Preserving the Historic and Cultural Music of Louisiana Through School Music: An Ethnographic Case Study
Christopher Song

Dual Identities of Performer Educators: Navigating Roles in Higher Education Settings
Whitney Mayo & Eunsong Kim

Music Teachers’ Perceptions and Implementations of Restorative Justice Practices
Christian Folk

Preservice Teachers’ Experiences with Nontraditional Grading Practices in Choral Methods Courses
Kari Adams & Lesley Mann

“Caring” Through Computer Mediated Discourse: Preservice Music Teachers’ Perceptions of Instructor Care in Hybrid Spaces
Nicole Laborte

Cultivating Community-Centered Professional Development
Robin Giebelhausen, Allison Durbin, Bri’Ann Wright & Amy Sierzega

Establishing Self Care as Music Teachers: An Examination of Health and Wellness Practices of Initial and Second Stage Music Teachers
Jennifer Pulling, Abby South & Elizabeth Haynes

The Status of Popular Music in NASM-Accredited Music Teacher Education Programs in the United States
Candice Mattio, Virginia Davis & Bryan Powell

What Brings You Here? A Theory of Contextual Influences on Music Engagement
Allison R. Durbin

Music Teacher Education and Gert Biesta’s Three Educational Domains: Qualification, Socialization, and Subjectification
Robert C. Jordan

Day 3 – Saturday, October 14, 2023


7:30 AM – 8:50 AM

School of Music

Breakfast Roundtables (continuation of Mentoring Workshops)

Breakfast will be served in the Atrium; roundtables will be in Thompson Hall


9:00 - 9:30 AM

Presentation Session 5

PDF Abstracts

Breakout Rooms

Libby Gardner CH
An Equity-informed Trauma Lens for Music Teacher Education
Shannan Hibbard & Rebecca DeWan

DGH 270
Disruptive Practices for Change in Music Teacher Education
Brian Weidner

DGH 272
I’m Not Fine; No One is Fine: An Exploration of Undergraduate Music Students’ Experiences with Mental Health Challenges
Stephanie Prichard

SGH 302
I Made it in But Do I Belong Here? Martina’s Story
Elizabeth Chappell

DGH 306
“Can I Student Teach Here?!”: Preservice Music Teachers’ Field-Observations at a School for the Blind & Visually Impaired
Becky Marsh

DGH 318
An Exploration of the Experiences of Former Women Band Directors
Emily Moler

DGH 324
Thinking Like a Teacher: Using Case Studies in Introduction to Music Education Courses
Gregory Springer, Nickolas Doshier & Andrew Dubbert


9:40 - 11:30 AM

School of Music

ASPA Meetings

Breakout Rooms
  • POLICY – DGH 318

11:40 AM - 12:10 PM

Presentation Session 6

PDF Abstracts

Breakout Rooms

Libby Gardner CH
Panel Discussion: The Problems of Cultural Material and Instrumental Music
Welsey Brewer, Adam Harry, Joseph Abramo, Joyce McCall, & Marjoris Regus

DGH 270
Undergraduate Music Students’ Self-Reports of Conducting Anxiety
Brad Regier, Melissa Baughman, Alec Scherer, & Brian Silvey

DGH 272
Moving beyond Performative Social Change: Learning from Community Children’s Choruses
Cara Bernard & Kelly Bylica

DGH 302
Note to Self: A Duoethnographic Narrative on Preparing Preservice Teachers to Support LGBTQ+ Students in Predominantly Conservative Religious Cultures
Karin Hendricks & Rebecca Roesler

DGH 306
From Uniformity to Particularity: The Development of Four Music Teacher Performance Assessments in New York
Richard Tilley, Patrick Schmidt, Susan Davis, & Jon Schaller

DGH 318
Safety and Well-Being in a Collegiate School of Music Community
Adam Grise & Amy Sierzega

DGH 324
A Place to Belong: Establishing Meaningful Connections In and Through Music Coursework
Shannan Hibbard & Sommer Forrester

Poster Session 2

Light lunch will be served in the Atrium

Click here for poster location assignments.

PDF Abstracts

Poster Titles & Authors

Addressing “Classroom Management” in Music Teacher  Education: Tensions, Challenges, and Promising Practices
Colleen Conway, Sean Grier, Daniel Taylor, & Tiffanie Waldron

Focus on the Teacher: An Autophenomenography of an Elementary Music Teacher with ADHD
Corinne Galligan

Professional Development for the Beginning Band Director: A Collective Case Study from a Summer Band Director Symposium
Rachel Sorenson

“Heavy is the Head that Chose to Wear the Crown”: Crafting an Intersecting CRiT-Hop Music Education Pedagogy
Christian Folk

“A Night I’ll Never Forget”: A Phenomenological Investigation of a High School Alumni Marching Band
Marshall Haning

Measuring Diversity Competence in Music Teacher Education: How, When, and, Most Importantly, Why?
Kelly Parkes & Jamie Gunther

Cultural and Historical Sourcing for Music Cited as “Traditional” in a General Music Textbook Series
Robin Giebelhausen & Amy Sierzega

It’s T-I-M-E for Trauma-Informed Music Teacher Education
Casey H. Collins & William Sauerland

Cultivating Culturally Responsive Music Teachers: A Study of Music Teacher Identity Development
Alison Farley, Molly Blair, Levi Dean & Kristen Kuder Lynch

Native American Music Instruction in the Elementary General Music Classroom
Dalia Razo

Music Teacher Education in South Korea and the United States: A Comparative Analysis
Rowoon Lee

Addressing the Teacher Shortage: Characteristics of Alternative Certification Programs in Colorado
Carla Aguilar

Teaching Cycles and Instructional Design: Frameworks for Professional Development in K-12 Music Learning Contexts
Erik Johnson & Christina Herman

Divisive Concepts Laws: Impacts and Implications for Music Teacher Education
Karen Salvador, Andrew Bohn & Anne Martin

Restorative Justice and Classroom Management in P-12 Music Classrooms
Melissa Ryan & Jennifer Gee

Pre-Service Teacher Self-Stories: An Examination of Student Reflections through a Possible Selves Lens
Jacob Holster, Linda Thornton & Tristan Blankenship

Elementary General Music Teacher Perspectives on Teaching Student Immigrants: A Multiple Case Study
Amy Melton

Relationships Between Music Teacher Job Satisfaction, Occupational Commitment, and Classroom Motivational Style Profile
Seth Pendergast, Sarah Van Waardhuizen & David Haas

Creating Equity in Festivals: Implications for Music Teacher Education
Brian Kaufman, Jonathan Kladder & Elizabeth Palmer

Pedagogical Preferences of Choral Music Teacher Educators: A Preliminary Examination of Choral Methods Course Materials
Alicia Canterbury Vorel & Elizabeth Hearn

Bulletin Boards as Visual Manifestations of Educational Philosophies for Teacher Identity Development among Undergraduate Music Education Majors
Sangmi Kang, Rachael Sanguinetti & Samantha Webber

Using the Syllabus to Establish a Culture of Belonging
Alec Scherer

Developing Preservice Music Teachers’ Dispositions and Practices for Equity through Community Partnerships
Donna Gallo

Effect of Aural Template and Focus of Attention on Error Detection
Matthew Williams

Pedagogical Creativity in P-12 Music Teachers: A Mixed-Methods Inquiry
Melissa Ryan

Undergraduate Music Majors’ Experiences with Gender Bias
Jenna Dietrich, Jolene Blair & Emily Wolf

Self-Efficacy of Music Student Teachers
Julia Weinstein

Musical Bridges: Building a School-University Partnership for an Intergenerational Community-Based Music Program
Rainamei Luna & Xin Xie

The Effects of Musical Entrainment on Performance Quality and Socialization
Andrew Dubbert

A Multiple Case Study of Preservice Music Educators’ Perspectives in Rehearsal Clinic
Allison Davis

Administrator Perspectives on Arts Integration Across the Elementary Curriculum
Kristin Harney, Daniel Johnson & Amorette Languell

Whose Music is Superior? A Critical Discourse Analysis of Solo and Ensemble Performance Guidelines
Lorenzo Sánchez-Gatt & Natalie Duling

Using the Ecological Systems Theory framework to Explore Itinerant Music Teacher Identity Development
Elizabeth Schultz

Hybrid-musicianship: Multi-musical Identities and Perspectives in/through Undergraduate Music Education Programs
Chad Zullinger

Sources of Stress among College Music Majors: Impediments to Happiness and Flourishing
Laura Bock & Robert Duke

Motivating Factors for Student Participation in School Choir Programs
Kyle Gray

The Illness of Urban Schools: Automation of Historical Power Structures in Music Education
Charlie Edmonds

The Mentorship Experience for First Year Assistant Band Directors
Analisa Rodriguez

An Investigation of Variables that Predict String Students’ Musical Achievement
Heather Lofdahl

Popular Music in Elementary Classrooms: An Analysis of Music Educators’ Self-Reported Practices
Ian Cicco & Melissa Ryan

Let the Songs Do No Harm: Elementary Music Teachers’ Lived Experiences with Problematic Songs for Teaching
Julie Derges & Julissa Chapa

Effects of Choral Directors’ Teaching Experience on Perceptions of Choral Tone
Emily Frizzell

Incorporating Musical Activities in Elementary Classrooms: A Multiple Case Study of Preservice Elementary Teachers’ Perspectives and Experiences
Cuishan (Tracey) Shi

A Sense of Belonging in School Music Ensemble: A Mixed Methods Study on Teacher Instructional Practice
Johanna Gamboa-Kroesen

Considering Power in Relation to Creative Musical Activities in Instrumental Music Teacher Education
Mike Vecchio

Perceptions of Asian Traditional Music among Music Majors in the United States
Rowoon Lee

The Effect of Three Creativity Activities on Instrumental Music Student Performance
Alden Snell, Michael Stewart, Benjamin Guerrero & David Stringham

Preventing Noise-Induced Hearing Loss Among Musicians
Adam White

Perspectives of Elementary Music Teachers Who Use Democratic Practices: A Multiple-Case Study
David Dockan

Improvised Community: A Video-cued Ethnography of School Jazz Practices and Beliefs
Tristan Blankenship

Exploring Inclusive Music Education and Program Development for Adult Learners with Autism Spectrum Disorder Beyond Traditional K-12 Settings
Rainamei Luna

Beliefs of Music Education Faculty on Desirable Traits of Incoming Music Education Majors
Ann Harrington & Keila McGuary

Belonging in and with the World: Critical Curriculum Design, General Music, and Music Teacher Education
Jonathan Dillon

A Graduate Teaching Assistant’s Perceptions of their Identity as Music Teacher Educator
Lane Folds

The Experiences of Culturally Diverse Music Educators in Teaching Non-Western Music to Western University Students: Pedagogical Implications for Music Education
Andrew Kagumba & Suttirak Iadpum

A Philosophical Investigation of the Ethics of Fear in Music Education
Robert Wilson

Bridging Paradigms: A Reflexive Autoethnography of AI-Enhanced Qualitative Inquiry in Music Education
Jacob Holster

The Impact of Web Cameras on Middle School Students Enrolled in an Online General Music Class
Michelle Rose

Impacts of Music Reading Sessions on Band and Choral Educators Repertoire Preferences and Programming
David Sanderson

The University Supervisor’s Role in the Music Student Teaching Experience
Eric Pennello

Examining Burnout Among Elementary and Secondary Music Educators: A Replication
Nancy Conley

From Awareness to Action: Advocacy and Policy in Music Teacher Education
Justin Caithaml

Promoting Resilience: Childhood Trauma in the Music Classroom
Erica Kupinski

Strategies for Building Socio-Emotional Skills and Cohort Community in Music Teacher Education Programs
Emily McGinnis

Music Teaching and Learning Through Creative Musical Activities: A Technological, Pedagogical, and Content Knowledge Case Study
Benjamin Guerrero

A Multiple Case Study of Informal Learning Practices and Processes in Three High School Choral Classrooms
Aimee Pearsall

The Effect of Internship Requirements and Their Possible Effects on Teacher Retention
Aliana Morales

Cyclical Musicians: College Music Students’ Experiences on Instrumental Musicking Processes across the Menstrual Cycle
Anne Marques Catarin

Examining Impostor Phenomenon in the Graduate Conducting Assistants’ Role of Music Teacher Educator
Jessica Haley

A Literature Review of Peer Mentoring in Music Education
Kristina Weimer & Lindsay Fulcher

Taking the Note: Providing Feedback to Student Teachers
Jocelyn Prendergast

Preservice Music Teachers’ Perception of the Important Traits, Behaviors, and Skills for Becoming a Successful Music Teacher
Julie M. Song

Perseverance and Preparedness: A Survey of 10 Years of Music Education Degree Holders from One University
Rebecca DeWan

Expanding Perspectives: Pre-Service Music Teachers Engaging with Diversity through Commissioning of New Repertoire
Lisa Caravan & Alden Snell

Choral Directors’ Perceptions of Choral Conducting Curricula
Melody Causby, Jonathan Kilgore, Ian Cicco

Teacher Identity Development in Secondary Instrument Courses
Erin Hansen

On the Same Page: Curricular Clarity through Shared Language
Phillip Payne, Edward Hoffman, III, Ashley Allen & Aaron Wacker

In-service Teachers’ Experiences in and Perspectives toward Undergraduate Applied Voice Lessons
Kari Adams & Evan Jones

A Culture of Echo Chambers: Social Media in Music Teacher Education
Nicole Laborte


2:00 PM – 2:30 PM

Presentation Session 7

PDF Abstracts

Breakout Rooms

DGH 270
A Beginning Music Teacher’s Micropolitical Literacy Development
Ryan Shaw

DGH 272
The Great Music Teacher Resignation: A Study of Four Music Teachers Leaving Successful Music Programs during the Covid-19 Pandemic
Christopher Marra

DGH 302
Navigating Anti-Woke Legislation in a Doctoral Sociology of Music Education Course
Barry Hartz, Edward White, Troy Thomas, Michelle Gibson, Rowoon Lee, Brendan Sweeney, & Eric Murianki

DGH 306
Integrating Self-Compassion Content within Music Teacher Preparation Programs
Jamey Kelley, Allison Farley, Christopher Loftkin, & Ian Cicco

DGH 318
WTFlorida: The Macro- and Micro-Challenges and Implications of Ever-Changing Policies
Margaret Flood, Anna Horldt, & Emily Langerholc

DGH 324
Elevating a Culture of Belonging: The Role of Grassroots Policy Activism in Teacher Education
Patrick Schmidt
Participants: Max Keisling, Lily Ling, Tatyana Louis-Jacques, Adrian Rodrigues, Michaela Rael, & Clara Yoon


2:30 PM – 4:00 PM

Plenary Session

Session Details

Part I – Navigating Divisive Concepts Laws
Panel Conveners: Sean Powell and Karen Salvador
Panelists: Laurie Baefsky, Livia De Moraes, Jacqueline Henninger, & Andrea Hernandez

Divisive Concepts Laws (DCL) are legislative and executive actions that restrict teaching, professional learning, and student learning in K–12 schools and higher education regarding race, gender, sexuality, and U.S. history. As of September 1, 2023, twenty states had DCL affecting education, and local governments and school boards across the U.S. have followed suit. In this panel, we will discuss impacts of DCL on music education and music educators, ways that music educators are navigating the laws, and suggestions for teacher educators.

Part II – Between the Housewright Symposium and CMS Manifesto Bookends: Matter and Method from the Music Teacher Profession Initiative
Deborah Confredo, Carlos Abril & Cecil Adderly

The document, A Blueprint for Strengthening the Music Teacher Profession, represents two+ years of work that engaged music teacher educators from across the country with the Music Teacher Profession Initiative (MTPI) in considering greater equity along the path to music teacher education and fortifying the experiences of early career teachers. With the charges of the Housewright Declaration and appeals of the CMS Manifesto as bookends, and the Blueprint as foundation, we will enlist the wisdom of the attendees in pondering ways to work with partners in and outside of music education in addressing metamorphosis in the profession.


4:00 PM – 4:30 PM

Libby Gardner CH

Symposium Summary & Closing Remarks