Comment on NASM Handbook Revisions

The National Association of Schools of Music (NASM) is currently accepting comments on proposed changes to the accreditation standards found in the NASM Handbook. Please refer to the online notice link below, as well as a memorandum inviting organizations including NAfME and SMTE to participate in commenting.

Official Notice: Proposed NASM Handbook Revisions


September 1, 2017


To:  Colleagues in Music

From:  Karen P. Moynahan, Executive Director

Re:  NASM Multi-Year Comprehensive Standards Review

The National Association of Schools of Music (NASM) is continuing its multi-year comprehensive review of its standards for accredited institutional membership. Consultation with a broad range of organizations and individuals is a critical part of this comprehensive review. NASM invites your organization to participate in the review process.

Our basic request is that you inform your members at least once, and preferably periodically, of time-specific opportunities to comment on the NASM standards as well as future standards proposals as they are developed. This consultation process will be conducted primarily online with responses being submitted directly to NASM.

This comment period will focus on the Association’s non-degree-granting standards, which may be found in the NASM Handbook 2016-17, Standards for Accreditation XVII.-XX. As is NASM practice, the standards as a whole will remain open for comment during this time of review. This is particularly important as there are relationships between and among standards. Consideration of these relationships will be included in review conversations, and used to inform ongoing and later phases of the comprehensive review process.

The comprehensive review process will include hearings, comment period(s), and consensus development. Specific notices will be offered when votes are scheduled.

For more information, we refer you and your members to the Proposed Revisions/Comments web page. Instructions, information on the comprehensive standards review process, and answers to frequently asked questions may be found on this page.

Comments should be sent to Sarah Yount, NASM Programming and External Affairs Associate, at no later than December 15, 2017 using the Response Form provided on the website under Reviewing and Commenting on NASM Standards.

We offer appreciation in advance for your continuing attention to the standards review process. The Association is grateful for your participation, and values the productive dialogue that will ensue. 

Should questions arise at any time regarding this process or the standards themselves, please feel free to contact the National Office staff. We look forward to the participation of interested members of your organization.