Changes to Subscriber Accounts on Website

ATTENTION TO ALL SITE USERS: In preparation for some upcoming changes on the site, we are changing the way subscriber accounts are used. As part of this process, all past subscriber accounts have been closed and deleted as of 1:00am EDT April 14, 2014. We encourage you to create a new account on this site. For registering a new account, visit the Log In page and click Register. You will be asked to create a user name and enter some information including a valid email address.
New subscriber accounts will have access to some great features in the near future:
  • Receive email updates about SMTE events and activities
  • Add one or more Areas of Strategic Planning and Action (ASPAs) to your user profile
  • Communicate with other members
  • Access event registration and proposal submission
Thank you for your interest in music teacher education and SMTE. We hope you will continue to be involved by visiting this site with your new account.