CDSJ Meeting Minutes April 11, 2014

Cultural Diversity and Social Justice SMTE ASPA Meeting Minutes April 11, 2014

List of those present included below as Appendix A.

Introduction of new co-facilitators

It is our goal to be of service to the group, coordinating and facilitating projects the group wishes to undertake.

Update on ASPA projects from SMTE 2013

  • Hess, Kruse, Palkki, Shevock Fighting Institutional Marginalization in Music Education Presented Friday 3-3:50
  • McCall, Schmidt An Investigation of Cultural Capital and Musical Identity in Music Education Presented Friday 4-5:50.
  • Kelly-McHale, Salvador Music Teacher Educator Perceptions of Social Justice
  • [in progress]
  • Glabman, Social Justice Research List [will appear on ASPA website]

NAfME Strategic Plan

  • Connie McKoy raised a concern regarding the NAfME Strategic Plan. In 2009, this document included an action plan for diversifying the teaching force and for broadening content in music education. This language has disappeared from the current NAfME strategic plan.
  • Group consensus: this ASPA should write a public response. Dr. McKoy has agreed to chair a committee that will draft this response, circulate it for signatures from our group, and determine the appropriate person/method/venue/path to circulate this response for maximum productive impact.
  • Members of this committee are listed below as Appendix B


  • Amanda Soto took us through the current website, solicited and collected written feedback regarding what the group would find helpful or useful. Additional feedback and suggestions for improvement of the website are welcomed.
  • The CDSJ ASPA will begin hosting monthly webinars. Members of the ASPA will present on a topic of interest for approx. 15 minutes, and then facilitate discussion for another 15 minutes. We envision this as a way for members to share expertise and continue to connect with one another. We could also use these webinars to workshop our ideas in progress. Please let us know if you are interested in presenting a webinar—Amanda Soto will coordinate.
  • Based on discussions in the workshop, we have also started a facebook page. Please join us…


Work Session

  • Introductions of people in the group, including research interests.
  • Based on these introductions, attendees self-selected into work groups. The following may not present a comprehensive list of projects these work groups are pursuing. Please contact Karen Salvador if I missed yours—
    • Community-based/hip hip pedagogy/place
    • Incarcerated populations
    • Anti-capitalism dialog for MEJ
    • Quality of curriculum for exceptional learners—Impact of professional development?
    • Culturally responsive pedagogy—gathering teaching strategies/materials
    • Multicultural music—from the margins into the “mainstream”

Projects and groupings are fluid—if you are interested in joining or splintering, just keep us posted so we can update the website—and maybe add you to the webinar list.


For action:

  • response to strategic plan
  • projects listed above
  • propose/present/attend a webinar
  • engage in conversation/share resources on the FB page. Amanda will use posts from FB to build our list of resources on our ASPA website.
  • Please, when you see a great source [Includes videos, blogs, articles, books, infographics, etc] shoot them over to us on the FB page or by email [link or cite] to add to the webpage.
  • Also, if you have a teaching activity to share, please send a short paragraph and contact info.
  • Hope to see all of you at SMTE 2016 Recorded and submitted by Karen Salvador


Appendix A

Attendees CDSJ SMTE ASPA Meeting April 11, 2014

Alphabetical-last name:

Michael Albertson, Teacher’s College

Julie Bannerman, SUNY Potsdam

Vincent Bates, Weber State Univ.

Loneka Battiste, LSU-headed to U. Tenn. Knoxville

Maggie Corfield, Montgomery Co. MD PS

Gregory Drane, Penn State

John Egger, University of Kentucky S

tephen Eubanks, U. Missouri, Columbia

Seth Glabman, U of Maryland

Ruth Gurgel, Kansas State Univ. Juliet Hess, Syracuse

Adam Kruse, MSU-headed to U. Illinois Danelle Larson, Eastern Illinois

Joyce McCall, Arizona State Connie McKoy, UNC Greensboro

Bryan Nichols, U. Akron

Joshua Palkki, Michigan State

Jaclyn Paul, Texas Tech University

Joshua Renick, NYC Dept of Education

Christopher Roberts, U. of Washington

Kathy Robinson, University of Alberta

Karen Salvador, U. of Michigan, Flint

Colleen Sears, The College of New Jersey

Dan Shevock, Penn State

Raychl Smith, Minnesota State, Moorehead

Amanda Soto, U. Idaho

Amy Spears, Florida Atlantic

Mackie Spradley, Dallas ISD TCU Center for Public Ed

Brian Sullivan, University of Illinois

Judith Sullivan, Tennessee Tech Darrin Thornton, Penn State

Jason D. Thompson, Northwestern Jose Torres, University of North Texas

Appendix B

Committee to Draft Response to NAfME Strategic Plan

Listed in order from the sign-in sheet:

Connie McKoy, Chair Jose Torres

Joshua Resnick

Judith Sullivan Tennessee Tech

Colleen Sears

Michael Albertson

Loneka Battiste

Juliet Hess

Joshua Palkki

Kathy Robinson

Amy Spears

Maggie Corfield

Gregory Drane