Teacher Recruitment

The purpose of the Teacher Recruitment ASPA is to advance and diversify approaches to recruiting music educators through research, advocacy, and other actions promoting careers in music teaching. 


Jacob Berglin, Western Michigan University (jacob.berglin@wmich.edu)
Whitney Mayo, University of North Dakota (whitney.mayo@und.edu)

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Goals, Projects, and Principles

The Teacher Recruitment ASPA is currently prioritizing the following action items:

(1) Continue work on a collaborative project undertaking a content analysis of university recruiters and university music department web pages. We will explore such questions as:

  • “How is music education as a major portrayed?”
  • “What is the university’s ‘face’ of a music major?”
  • “How do these marketing tools portray (or not) a sense of access, equity, and inclusion for potential music education students?  (Project leader: Dave Stringham)

(2) Through research and advocacy efforts we will investigate and highlight exemplar high school music programs that consistently produce music education majors, with a potential goal of publishing case studies and other materials for public distribution. (Project leader: Scott Edgar)

(3) Establish relationships with other professional music organizations to explore possibilities for shared promotion of music teaching careers, with a particular initial emphasis on organizations whose mission is to include populations traditionally under-represented in our field. (Project leader: Chris Venesile)

(4) Launch research efforts to more clearly understand the realities of music teaching careers. In order to be accurate and effective with our ASPA’s efforts we must stay in touch with the professional realities to which we are trying to recruit students. (Project leader: Janice Killian)

Additionally, our ASPA continues to operate with the following guiding principles and goals:

  1. Continue examining equity and inclusion issues in recruiting music teachers from a “demographic” perspective.
  2. Continue examining equity and inclusion issues in recruiting music teachers from a “musical backgrounds” perspective.
  3. Identify potential areas for cross-ASPA collaboration with the Program Admission, Assessment, and Alignment ASPA.
  4. Identify potential areas for cross-ASPA collaboration with the Cultural Diversity and Social Justice ASPA.
  5. Work with state MEA organizations to help to create Future Music Educator programs in every state in the US (or at least moving incrementally toward that goal).
  6. Continue analyzing data emerging from research projects related to factors influencing occupational selectors and non-selectors.

Selected Resources  & Completed Projects


Teacher Recruitment Flyer (Project leader: Kathy Melago)  Click here to download the flyer.

Web-based bibliography on music teacher recruitment resources.  (Project leader: Wes Brewer).  Click here to go to the site for this project.

Councill, K.H., Brewer, W.D., Burrack, F., Juchniewicz, J.  (2013).  Developing the next generation of music teachers:  Sample music education association programs that promote our profession and prepare future colleagues.  Music Educators Journal, 100(1), 45-49. DOI: 10.1177/0027432113489577

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“Is the Next Generation of Music Teachers in Your Classroom?” by Ann Porter, Kim Councill, Michelle Hairston, and Marg Schmidt, has been published in:

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