To survey best practices in school and university partnerships that promote a view of teacher education as a shared responsibility between P-12 and higher education.


Emily Mercado, University of Utah (
Jason Bowers, Louisiana State University (

Group Membership

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Fixed Goals

  1. Research student musical achievement—as a means to gauge music teaching and learning
  2. Research the professional development of classroom teachers
  3. Seek and apply for grants and outside funding for development of and/or research pertaining to school-university partnerships

Goals for 2023-24

  1. Replicate Brophy (2011) Status of School/University Partnerships.
  2. Create toolkit/models for partnerships: location, communication, coordination, expectations, reflections, requirements, etc.


Projects in Progress

To propose new projects or lines of research related to the School/University Partnerships ASPA, please contact Ted Hoffman. If you are interested in participating in the ongoing projects described below, please contact the named project lead.

  • Brophy (2011) School/University Partnerships Status Replication – Joseph Hanson, Project Lead
  • Partnerships in Urban Areas – Charlie Edmonds, Project Lead

Recent Projects

To have recently completed projects highlighted here, please contact Ted Hoffman.

Completed Projects & Literature/Resources

To have literature and resources related to school/university partnerships included on this list, please contact Ted Hoffman.

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