Ryan Shaw, Michigan State University (rshaw@msu.edu)
Kelly Bylica, Boston University (kbylica@bu.edu)
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Group Membership

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Mission Statement

The purpose of the Policy ASPA is to increase policy awareness within music education and to build music educators’ capacity for policy analysis, development, and implementation. If you would like to stay informed on policy issues, like our Facebook page!

Policy E-Kit

Click here to view the E-Kit resources. Members of the Policy ASPA have developed an E-Kit that addresses current music education policies and policy-related topics. These resources were designed to provide music teacher educators, in-service music teachers, and pre-service music teachers with information important for understanding and interacting with policy.


Attendees at the Policy ASPA’s working session during the 2023 SMTE Symposium identified three action items that define our agenda for the next two years:

  • Action Item #1: collaborate with a variety of stakeholders to further music education policy understanding.
  • Action Item #2: generate policy scholarship relevant to the myriad issues facing music teacher education.
  • Action Item #3: Compose a policy statement addressing equitable access to music education in a time of school choice.

In Progress Work

Updates coming soon!

Recently Completed Projects

  • Shaw, R. D., & Bernard, C. F. (In press). Appraising metropolitan arts education partnerships: A policy analysis.
    Arts Education Policy Review.
  • Shaw, R. D., & Bernard, C. F. (2023). Navigating state and local policies. In K. Salvador (Ed.), Divisive concepts law and music education: A report for the National Assocation for Music Education (pp. 36-38). https://nafme.org/divisive-concepts-laws-and-music-education/

  • Shaw, R. D., & Bernard, C. F. (Editors). (2023). Special Focus Issue: The Arts and School Improvement. Arts Education Policy Review. 
  • Grimsby, R. & Knapp, E. J. (2022) A comparison of federal and state special education laws: implications for music educators, Arts Education Policy Review, https://doi.org/10.1080/10632913.2022.2077872
  • Shaw, R. D., & Bernard, C. F. (2022). School culture change through the arts: A case study of the Turnaround Arts program. Arts Education Policy Review. https://doi.org/10.1080/10632913.2021.2023059
  • Schmidt, P. (Editor). (2020). Special Focus Issue on Policy. Music Educators Journal, 107(1).
    • ASPA contributors included Patrick Schmidt, Ryan Shaw, Carla Aguilar, Lauren Kapalka Richerme, Daniel Hellman


The term “policy” has many meanings and many uses.

An Introduction to Policy

NAfME is making an effort to reach out to the music education policy research community.

Letter from NAfME Asst. Executive Director Chris Woodside

NAfME’s Policy Research Agenda

Minutes from Policy ASPA Quarterly Conference Call with NAfME

Help us build a comprehensive bibliographic resource for policy related studies.  Contact the facilitators.

Bibliographic Reference on Policy