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Mission Statement

The purpose of the Policy ASPA is to increase policy awareness within music education and to build music educators’ capacity for policy analysis, development, and implementation.

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Cara Bernard, University of Connecticut (cara.bernard@uconn.edu)
Ryan Shaw, Michigan State University (rydshaw@gmail.com)

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View the E-Kit resources

Members of the Policy ASPA have developed an E-Kit that addresses current music education policies and policy-related topics. These resources were designed to provide music teacher educators, in-service music teachers, and pre-service music teachers with information important for understanding and interacting with policy.


The term “policy” has many meanings and many uses.

An Introduction to Policy

NAfME is making an effort to reach out to the music education policy research community.

Letter from NAfME Asst. Executive Director Chris Woodside

NAfME’s Policy Research Agenda

Minutes from Policy ASPA Quarterly Conference Call with NAfME

Help us build a comprehensive bibliographic resource for policy-related studies.  Contact the facilitators.

Bibliographic Reference on Policy

September 22, 2016: Intersections of Policy and Issues of Inclusion, Diversity, Equity, and Access with NAfME Webinar

Webinar | Webinar Slides | Webinar Notes

April 22, 2016: Programs, Practices, and Policies: Incorporating PK in Music Teacher Education

Webinar | Presenter Bios | Webinar Slides

January 25, 2016: ESSA Policy Webinar

ESSA Webinar Notes | ESSA Webinar Slides | NAfME ESSA Document


Attendees at the Policy ASPA’s working session during the 2017 SMTE Symposium identified three action items that define our agenda for the next two years:

  • Action Item #1: Develop policy resources for inservice teachers and music teacher educators. This includes resources for the places such as the NAfME Advocacy and Research pages and state MEAs.
  • Action Item #2: Consider policies that enable diversifying music education curriculum in higher education. We are developing longer-term research projects to learn about this topic.
  • Action Item #3: Compose a policy statement addressing equitable access to music education in a time of school choice.


  • Dye, C., Hellman, D., May, B., Prendergast, J., & Richerme, L. K. (2018, March). The practical politics of promoting diversity, equity, and access colloquium. NAfME Music Research and Teacher Education Conference, Atlanta, GA.
  • Schmidt, P. & Colwell, R. (Eds.). (2017). Policy and the Political Life of Music Education. Check out this page for more information and to order your copy!
  • Aguilar, C.E. & Dye, C.K. (2017, September). Developing music education policy wonks: Pre-service music education and policy. Paper presented at the Society for Music  Teacher Education Conference, Minneapolis, MN.
  • Richerme, L.K., Aguilar, C.E., Kos, R., Hellman, D., Prendergast, J., & Helton, B. (2016, March). Preservice teacher evaluation policy and practices colloquium. NAfME Music Research and Teacher Education Conference, Atlanta, GA.
  • Aguilar, C.E., Schmidt, P., Burton, S.L., Hellman, D., & Rechel, L. (2016, March). Political action in music education colloquium. NAfME Music Research and Teacher Education Conference, Atlanta, GA.
  • Dye, C.K. & Aguilar, C.E. (2016, March) Changing licensure requirements: Issues and implications for teacher mobility and reciprocity. Paper presented at the NAfME Music and Research Teacher Education Conference, Atlanta, GA.
  • Dye, C. K. & Richerme, L. K. (2015, September). Music educators and policy: An examination of  knowledge, engagement, trust, and efficacy. Paper presented at the Society for Music  Teacher Education Conference, Greensboro, NC.
  • Aguilar, C.E., Richerme, L.K. (2014, July). A Descriptive Study of Music Teacher Educators’ Beliefs about Policy. Research presentation at the 2014 International Society for Music Education, Natal, Brazil.
  • Kos, R., Aguilar, C.E., Dye, C., Hellman, D., Robinson, M., Schmidt, P. (2014, April). Hot Policy Topics Affecting Music Teacher Education: A Panel Discussion about Teacher Evaluation. Panel presentation at the 2014 Biennial Music Educators National Conference, St. Louis, MO.
  • Aguilar, C.E., Miksza, P., & Richerme, L. K.  (2013, September). Navigating pathways for music teacher education and current policy trends. Best practices paper presentation at the Society for Music Teacher Education Conference, Greensboro, NC.
  • Richerme, L. K.  (2013, February).  Policy 101.  Workshop presented at the Massachusetts Music Educators Association Conference, Boston, MA.
  • Aguilar, C. E., & Richerme, L. K.  (2012, March).  Diving at the finish line: The possible implications of Race to the Top for music education. Research poster presented at the 2012 Biennial Music Educators National Conference, St. Louis, MO.
  • Kos, R. P., Schmidt, P. K., Aguilar, C. E., Orzolek, D., & Hamann, K. (2012, March). Policy 101: Understanding, implementing, and influencing education policy. Panel presentation at the Biennial Music Educators National Conference, St. Louis, MO.
  • Schmidt, P. K., Orzolek, D. C., Kos, R. P., Richerme, L. K., & Holcomb, A. (2012, March). Nobody told me that!!! Policy 101 or learning leadership. Panel presentation at the Biennial Music Educators National Conference, St. Louis, MO.


Although the Policy ASPA does not have a formal standing membership, the following individuals
have recently been engaged in activities in pursuit of the ASPA’s current goals:

Carla Aguilar
Metropolitan State College of Denver

Suzanne Burton
University of Deleware

Christopher Dye
Indiana University

Ken Elpus
University of Maryland

Keitha Hamann
University of Minnesota

Daniel Hellman
Missouri State University

Al Holcomb
Westminster Choir College

Ronald Kos
Boston University

Douglas C. Orzolek
University of St. Thomas

Lauren Kapalka Richerme
Indiana University

Patrick Schmidt
Florida International University

Sandy Stauffer
Arizona State University