SMTE includes eleven groups that conduct focused work on specific areas of music teacher education. Our Areas for Strategic Planning and Action (ASPAs) develop and implement action plans related to current critical issues in music teacher education.

ASPA Directory

Critical Examination of the Curriculum

Brian Weidner and Jill Wilson

Music Teacher Health and Wellness

Colleen McNickle and Melissa Lloyd

Music Teacher Identity Development

Olivia Tucker and Nicole Ramsey


Ryan Shaw and Kelly Bylica

Professional Development for Music Teachers

Benjamin Guerrero and Dave Sanderson

Program Admission, Assessment, and Alignment

Aaron Wacker and Alec Scherer

School/University Partnerships

Emily Mercado and Jason Bowers

Supporting Beginning Music Teachers

Erin Zaffini and Rachel Sorenson

Teacher Recruitment

Jacob Berglin and Whitney Mayo

Latest ASPA News

Departing & Newly Elected ASPA Facilitators

SMTE offers sincere thanks to the following members who have served as ASPA Facilitators and are now rotating out of those positions: Marshall Haning, Sarah Minette, Jacqueline Henninger, William Bauer, Melissa Baughman, Tawnya Smith, Becky Marsh, Cara Bernard, Barry...

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ASPA Reports

ASPA Actions Mind Map (updated Sep. 2017)

ASPA Overview (updated Feb. 2010)