ASPA Election Results

We are pleased to announce election results for the Areas of Strategic Planning and Action (ASPAs) that were selecting new facilitators or adding facilitators. Congratulations to the new facilitators listed below!
We would also like to thank our outgoing facilitators for their service: Juliet Hess, Latasha Thomas-Durrell, Jocelyn Prendergast, Jason Gossett, Joshua Russell, Natalie Steele-Royston, Blair Williams, Christopher Baumgartner, Judy Palac, Frank Diaz, Kenneth Elpus, and Stephanie Prichard.
It’s not too late to be involved with an ASPA. If you are interested, please contact these individuals or visit the ASPA pages on the SMTE site.

Ryan Shaw, Michigan State University

Professional Development for the Experienced Teacher
Barry Hartz, The University of Florida

Critical Examination of Curricula
Brian Weidner, Butler University

Cultural Diversity and Social Justice
Jacqueline Henninger, Texas Tech University
Allyson Rottman, Anna Maria College

Music Teacher Identity Development
Olivia Tucker, The University of New Mexico

Music Teacher Educators: Recruitment, Preparation, and Professional Development
Krissie Weimer, The University of Texas Rio Grande Valley

Music Teacher Health and Wellness
Melissa Baughman, The University of Oklahoma
Tawnya Smith, Boston University

Program Admission, Assessment, and Alignment
Aaron Wacker, Southeast Missouri State University

Teacher Recruitment
Jacob Berglin, Florida International University

School-University Partnerships
Emily Mercado, The University of Utah 

Supporting Beginning Music Teachers
Erin Zaffini, Longy School of Music