A message from NAfME – Updating your Member Record

Dear NAfME member,

At NAfME, we want to better serve members of the higher education and research community, by connecting you with the Society for Research in Music Education (SRME) and Society for Music Teacher Education (SMTE).

To ensure you receive information most relevant to your work and interests, the Societies are formalizing Society membership. This will streamline communications and better serve you. With all NAfME journals now available to all NAfME members online for free, including Journal of Research in Music Education, Update, and Journal of Music Teacher Education, there is no journal subscription list that accurately reflects Society membership. So, to make sure we can send you the information you need, NAfME has made it possible for you to check a box in your NAfME membership record to be officially noted as a member of one or both societies.

If you are interested in being listed as a member of either Society, please log into your record and check the box(es). Visit NAfME Membership Login to login with your email address and password. (If you have not logged in within the last 6 months, you may have to update your password.) On the first screen you see (at the top of the screen, in the blue bar), click on “Update Teaching Areas/Levels”; and on the next screen, check one or both boxes, and submit.

If you have any questions, please contact us via memberservices@nafme.org. We look forward to engaging you in the future work of the NAfME Societies!


Carlos R. Abril, Ph.D.
Professor of Music Education and Associate Dean of Research
Frost School of Music, University of Miami
Chair, NAfME Society for Research in Music Education

Dr. David A. Rickels
Associate Professor and Chair of Music Education
College of Music, University of Colorado Boulder
Chair, Society for Music Teacher Education

P.S. Even if you subscribe to the print version of JRME, we ask that you still “make it official” by logging in and checking the box for SRME membership.