2013 Meeting

SEPTEMBER 28, 2013

Attendees: Carla Aguilar, Tim Brakel, Suzanne Burton, Casey Clementson, Christopher Dye, Ken Elpus, John Eros, Daniel Hellman, Jenna Knaster, Maria Knieste, Ron Kos, Lauren Kapalka Richerme, Patrick Schmidt, Sandy Stauffer

  1. Reviewed and discussed progress toward and ideas for moving forward on the action goals set at the 2011 SMTE symposium.Goal #1: Identifying specific intersection between policy and other areas/ASPAs.
    Although points of intersection were developed, there was no cross-collaboration with other ASPAs. It was determined that such efforts require the buy-in of other ASPAs, so in the future we will focus our goals on what we can do.Goal #2: Developing strategies for state policy awareness.
    Progress has been made toward this goal. The ASPA sponsored two panels at the 2012 meeting in St. Louis, and Lauren Richerme has presented on the the issue at state conferences. Developing awareness should be an ongoing goal of the ASPA.

    Goal #3: Creating “Policy Bites” – Series of Podcasts presenting views, definitions, insight from practical and conceptual experience.
    Progress was not made on this goal; however, other outreach efforts have been successful. ALthough this project will not continue, the ASPA should continue to provide resources for those who want to learn about policy.

  2. Considering the preceding comments about previous goals, and being mindful about what our mission might be moving forward, we discussed a number of potential goals. After considerable discussion and word smithing by the attendees, the ASPA came up with the following new “action items:”Action Item #1: Position the SMTE Policy ASPA as a collective that provides NAfME with white papers, policy analyses, and other information in order to inform NAfME’s legislative, policy, and advocacy agenda.

    We will continue to have policy calls with Chris Woodside.

    Action Item #2: Collaborate with SMTE membership and APSAs, providing pertinent resources and information regarding policy in support of their efforts.

    We created a Facebook page to facilitate the dissemination of information and the linking of resources.

    Action Item #3: Serving as a clearing house for information relating to current and future policy issues.

    Members will email Ron who will send information through the SMTE division reps to the state chairs.

    Action Item #4: Provide teachers, administrators, and teacher educators with opportunities to get information about and engage with policy.

    Members will present sessions at St. Louis and state MEA meetings.

  3. Previously, Ron had raised the issue of the relevance of the current policy ASPA mission statement, which currently reads as follows: To coordinate the efforts of SMTE, MENC, NASM, and CMS in supporting music teacher education as well the involvement of other pertinent groups; to build capacity for policy development. After some discussion, a new mission statement was crafted: The purpose of the Policy ASPA is to increase policy awareness within music education and to build music educators’ capacity for policy analysis, development, and implementation.
  4. Additional upcoming projects were discussed. Ron will propose a panel for the St. Louis conference. It will be stated in general terms so as to allow the panel to address a topic that is “hot” at the time of the conference.Members will keep Ron informed of any individual activities that can be posted on the ASPA web site.

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