Colleen Conway, The University of Michigan,

Mitchell Robinson, Michigan State University,

Michael V. Smith, The Catholic University of America,



Conway will open this presentation with an overview of music education research on mentoring, induction, and professional development and will continue with presentation of results from the MENC question of the month on professional development needs of music teachers (from February 2005).


Robinson will continue with a focus on policy and discussion of the roles and functions of various stakeholders including state music education associations, music teacher professional organizations, teachersŐ associations, colleges and universities. Issues include ways for schools, districts and policy makers to work together more effectively in providing mentoring for new music teachers; and, the impact of new teacher evaluation programs on the experienced teachers involved in high-stakes assessments.


Smith will conclude the discussion with a presentation of qualities of effective mentoring. His discussion will include both traditional, interpersonal mentoring techniques and characteristics as well as the exploration of a recent web-based mentoring initiative.