Resources from 2012 NAfME Conference

Brophy and Colwell NAfME PresentationDr. Tim Brophy and Dr. Richard Colwell presented on Teacher Evaluations: Issues of Reliability and Validity.  Their powerpoint outlines many of the challenges faced by the profession as it considers how to proceed with music teacher evaluation.

NAfME 2012 Value-Added Teacher Evaluation Part 1 & NAfME 2012 Value-Added Teacher Evaluation Part 2A panel of music teacher educators and researchers presented a session on Value-Added Models and their implications for music education.  Their powerpoint offers explanations and recommendations related to the use of this model in schools.  Dr. Abby Butler, Dr. Phil Hash, Dr. Cynthia Taggart and Dr. Colleen Conway all hail from Michigan.

Value-Added NAfME Teacher EvaluationThese are the handouts from the session on Value-Added models and their impact on music education.

Developing a Teacher Evaluation ToolDoug Orzolek outlined a number of the factors, issues and questions about music teacher evaluation.  He discussed two models that may serve as tools to engage music educators in the process.

Orzolek Handouts for NAfME PresentationThese are the handouts from Doug Orzolek’s session including an extensive reference listing.


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