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Mission Statement

The purpose of the Policy ASPA is to increase policy awareness within music education and to build music educators’ capacity for policy analysis, development, and implementation.


Updated 12/11: For information on the next policy call with NAfME head of advocacy and public affairs Chris Woodside, click here.

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Thank you to the attendees at our ASPA working session at the 2013 SMTE Symposium. Be sure to read the summary of that meeting.

Summary of 2013 ASPA meeting in Greensboro
Summary of 2012 ASPA meeting in St. Louis


Attendees at the Policy ASPA’s working session during the 2013 SMTE Symposium identified four action items that define our agenda for the next two years:

  • Action Item #1: Position the SMTE Policy ASPA as a collective that provides NAfME with white papers, policy analyses, and other information in order to inform NAfME’s legislative, policy, and advocacy agenda.
  • Action Item #2: Collaborate with SMTE membership and APSAs, providing pertinent resources and information regarding policy in support of their efforts.
  • Action Item #3: Serving as a clearing house for information relating to current and future policy issues.
  • Action Item #4: Provide teachers, administrators, and teacher educators with opportunities to get information about and engage with policy.

Completed Projects

  • Aguilar, C. E., & Richerme, L. K.  (2013, April).  What’s everyone saying about teacher evaluation?  Paper presented at the Annual Meeting of the American Educational Research Association, San Francisco, CA.
  • Richerme, L. K.  (2013, February).  Policy 101.  Workshop presented at the Massachusetts Music Educators Association Conference, Boston, MA.
  • Aguilar, C. E., & Richerme, L. K.  (2012, March).  Diving at the finish line: The possible implications of Race to the Top for music education. Research poster presented at the 2012 Biennial Music Educators National Conference, St. Louis, MO.
  • Kos, R. P., Schmidt, P. K., Aguilar, C. E., Orzolek, D., & Hamann, K. (2012, March). Policy 101: Understanding, implementing, and influencing education policy. Panel presentation at the Biennial Music Educators National Conference, St. Louis, MO.
  • Schmidt, P. K., Orzolek, D. C., Kos, R. P., Richerme, L. K., & Holcomb, A. (2012, March). Nobody told me that!!! Policy 101 or learning leadership. Panel presentation at the Biennial Music Educators National Conference, St. Louis, MO.


The term “policy” has many meanings and many uses.

An Introduction to Policy

NAfME is making an effort to reach out to the music education policy research community.

Letter from NAfME Asst. Executive Director Chris Woodside

NAfME’s Policy Research Agenda

Help us build a comprehensive bibliographic resource for policy related studies.  Contact the facilitator.

Bibliographic Reference on Policy